Tradeweb round robin

Tradeweb round robin

Tradeweb is the largest and most efficient electronic trading platform for the to-be-announced (tba) mbs market with daily executed volumes exceeding 190 billion (fy20). We are the first venue to offer round robin functionality which enables clients to seamlessly net outstanding tba-mbs positions, significantly reducing their settlement risk.

Adoption of the tradeweb round robin technology took off quickly after launching in november of 2010. By april 2011, monthly round robin trading volume exceeded 45 billion.

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  the tradeweb round-robin functionality, introduced 16 months ago to the tba-mbs marketplace, has significantly lowered the number of failed tba mortgage pool trades by enabling institutional investors to electronically pair-off tba (to-be announced) mortgage pool transactions with dealers, replacing a manual process and providing an efficient solution for round-robin fails.

  the tradeweb round-robin functionality, introduced 16 months ago to the tba-mbs marketplace, has significantly lowered the number of failed.

Currently reaching a resolution to these fails is a manual and time-consuming process.

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Tradeweb round robin

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