Swarm city token twitter

Swarm city token twitter

In swarm city, a users identity is their publicprivate keypair, also known as their wallet. The terminal release gave users the ability to create their own wallet, send and receive swarm city tokens (swt), and exchange arcade city tokens (arc) for swt at a 11 ratio.

Swarm city (swt) token price, market cap, exchanges, holders, transactions, supply.

Swarm city allows people to communicate and transact in a decentralized way. Like other blockchain platforms, swarm city has no middleman or trusted, centralized platform.

Swarm city is developing a truly decentralized app (dapp), enabled by the swt, running on the ethereum blockchain to interconnect world industries and enable open peer to peer exchanges. It is our mission to provide an open marketplace of services, currency tokens, and encrypted communication tools to offer direct access between buyers and sellers worldwide and in your community.

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Swarm city token twitter

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