Spg redemption rates

Spg redemption rates

Two other great spg redemptions i would bring up are category 1 redemptions, which start at just 2,000 points on weekends. Some of these properties can still run up to 100 a night, so even with cheap redemptions you can still get more than 4 cents in value per mile.

  this is a category 7 property, requiring 30,000 35,000 points for a free night. Paid rates next winter start at 1,336 per night, giving you a value of 4. (non-winter rates can get as low as 300night, so this redemption is most valuable during ski season.).

  that means for awards booked between august and december, the most expensive redemption will be 60,000 marriott rewards points per night, which is the equivalent of 20,000 starpoints per night in todays currency.

  it costs 20,000 spg points per night for an all points redemption or 10,000 points 180 usd. Youre effectively buying 10,000 spg points for 180 (plus taxesfees of the hotel stay), or about 1.

Regis properties are dropping by an average of 3,659 points per night), the majority of luxury brands are seeing net increases in their redemption rates. For example, autograph collection properties are going up by an average of 1,728 points per night, while ritz-carlton hotels are jumping by an average of 3,172 points per night.

  in case youre looking for great value travel accommodation to redeem your starpoints, take a look at this list.

  of the 115 legacy spg category 1 properties, 61 are staying in category 1 at 7,500 points per night (or 2,500 starpoints), while the remaining 54 are jumping to category 2 at 12,500 points per night (or 4,167 starpoints).

As long as you earn or purchase the needed points at least 14 days prior to check-in, youre good to go.

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Spg redemption rates

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