Smash controller reddit

Smash controller reddit

For ab smash, i found i could do it the most consistently when i put attack on x (tip of thumb) and special on a (thumb joint), at least for the wii u pro controller. For ultimate, im gonna put attack on y (tip of thumb) and special on b (thumb joint), since thats where my thumb feels most comfortable on the switch pro controller.

Im getting a custom gcc from battle beaver customs for smash ultimate and i have some questions about what exactly a few modifications are. So this is my first time looking into a custom gamecube controller and im not sure on a few options, i couldnt really find a detail for what they seem to be and what one is better.

Wondering if there is a smash controller cia floating out there.

So im planning to buy a controller for my recently purchased switch and more specifically smash ultimate but im wondering whether to go with a pro controller or gamecube controller.

My friends and i have been waiting for the new smash bros ultimate to come out, and while we wait, we have been playing melee on dolphin and have been using ps4 controllers.

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Smash controller reddit

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