Sharekhan commission details

Sharekhan commission details

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  sharekhan offers stock trading account and demat account services. Customer pays the fees, commission and taxes while trading with sharekhan. Sharekhan fee structure and trading commission rates are explained as below. To open sharekhan account you have to pay account opening charges and annual maintenance charges (amc).

Sharekhan designates sub-dealers, who are paid a commission for every exchange their customers make. Sub-representative earning relies upon two things are as follows the sum in percentage shared by the intermediary.

For more details click here click here to check out the shareshop near you. Company identification number (cin) sharekhan ltd u99999mh1995plc087498 sharekhan commodities pvt ltd u67120mh2000ptc127261 sharekhan bnp paribas financial services limited u65920mh2004plc149518 sharekhan.

  sharekhan offers a lucrative commission package to its partners or franchises with a regular and robust revenue flow. Sharekhan understands the importance of branding and marketing, which is why it aims to provide customized marketing and business development efforts as per the need of the franchise.

  sharekhan pms is a reliable and popular broking house available in the stock market. The other charges charged by the company are described below-. Management fees are levied as per the selected commission model by the client.

Sharekhan franchise program works on a flexible commission model. In this case the revenue sharing differs from client to client based on following grounds amount of security deposit volume of revenue generation the sub brokers revenue sharing ranges from 50 & goes to as high as 70.

For more details click here click here to check out the shareshop near you. Company identification number (cin) sharekhan ltd u99999mh1995plc087498 sharekhan commodities pvt ltd u67120mh2000ptc127261 sharekhan bnp paribas financial services limited u65920mh2004plc149518 sharekhan.

That means if you trade rs 10 lakh worth of shares, charges would be rs 1000. Again, if you compare with that of zerodha which is rs20trade, it is quite high. Suggested read best demat accounts for intraday traders of india. Below is the sharekhan brokerage charges for intraday segment.

  reports - transaction reports - equity transaction - brokerage structure.

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Sharekhan commission details

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