Samsung galaxy note 2 developer options

Samsung galaxy note 2 developer options

1 go to settings, then tap about device or about phone. Depending on your device and operating system, you may need to tap software information, then tap build number seven times. 3 enter your pattern, pin or password to enable the developer options menu.

  from here, tap the build number entry 7 times in rapid succession, and youll get a toast message informing you that the developer options menu has been unlocked. From here, just back out to the main settings menu again, and youll find the new developer options entry near the bottom, so go ahead and select it.

On oneplus devices, youll find the option under settings system. Developer options on oneplus 6t tap developer options and tab the onoff toggle icon. Turning off developer options on oneplus 6t thats it! You have successfully disabled developer options.

  scroll down to the bottom and tap build number repeatedly. A message should appear on the screen that says you are now  steps away from being a developer.

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Samsung galaxy note 2 developer options

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Samsung galaxy note 2 developer options

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