Nvidia tesla mining performance

Nvidia tesla mining performance

85 mhs hashrate and 138 w power consumption for mining eth (ethash) earning around 12. Find out more hashrate, consumption, difficulty, and profitability for mining 368 different coins on 118 algorithms.

2496 cuda cores x2 (kepler gpu) 44 pci bandwidth speed config. Theoretically these couldshould get around 30 mh total (around 15mh each for each gpu) based on specs, but my results were poor.

  nvidias super-fast tesla v100 rocks 16gb of hbm2 that has memory bandwidth of a truly next level 900gbsec, up from the 547gbsec available on the titan xp, which costs 1200 in.

  this means high single precision processing is all they need. Look at the specs for the radeon rx 580 upto 6 tflops single precision, 0. 2) nvidia manufactures its tesla cards specifically for servers & supercomputers.

  how did i test the tesla v100 16gb mining performance? The first article does a good intro on how this all happened, so ill try keeping this one simple. In a nutshell, the server i used for testing has following specs node type 2 12h 8x nvidia tesla v100 16gb cpu 2x intel xeon e5-4627 2.

With the price of these cards currently being around 8k each, as expected, there are much more cost-effective mining solutions.

There isnt enough data provided to make an accurate evaluation.

Well a k40 is basically identical to a titan xp and if the k80 claims to be double the performance of this i can give you some numbers of what the k80 would perform like ethereum 70-80 mhs - zcash 1260-1360 sols.

Mining software power consumption currency algorythm speed revenue day revenue month hashrate watt revenue month (electricity deducted) proof nvidia evga gtx 1070 ti 8gb 1683 4498 windows 10 388.

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Nvidia tesla mining performance

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