Mt4 newscal new update

Mt4 newscal new update

  known issue opening the object properties dialog for any of the indicators objects can cause mt4 to crash.

Just refresh the indicator panel on your chart from the drop down box i.

  the news indicator has been updated due to ffs xml data fetching behavior update. The news events ff calendar based indicator is fused with button control for news impactfilter selection, tooltip and news line.

I have installed the new version of newscal but still with no data plot from ff. I will try it in a new installed mt4 platform and ill let you know if is working.

  it seems that on some systems for some reasons this file cant be downloaded or saved. What you can do - update your mt4 to latest build - 1170 - check permissions of files folder - check firewall settings - if some ports are blocked, connection.

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Mt4 newscal new update

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