Mlc wrap super investment menu

Mlc wrap super investment menu

Mlc wrap and navigator series 2 allows you to build a strong and diversified portfolio for your client that supports their personal investment objectives in retirement, while receiving a regular pension.

Mlc wrap super series 2mlc navigator retirement plan series 2. Build a strong and diversified portfolio for your client that supports their personal investment objectives, while reducing volatility and other risks. Access more than 300 managed funds, up to 500 asx-listed investments, term deposits and separately managed accounts.

Make sophisticated investing easier outside of super, with tax management tools and the convenience of consolidated portfolio reporting. Access more than 300 managed funds, more than 500 asx-listed investments, term deposits and separately managed accounts.

Mlc wrap and navigator gives your clients control and flexibility to build a super or pension portfolio. Its the one account when working to save for retirement in super, transitioning to retirement to supplement employment income, or enjoying full-time retirement.

The full investment list features an extensive menu of quality and contemporary investment options including more than 350 managed funds, 500 asx-listed investments, term deposits and separately managed accounts (smas). You can track your clients investments, perform transactions and view their insurance - all in one place.

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Mlc wrap super investment menu

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