Is smb capital legit

Is smb capital legit

  smb capital is a proprietary trading firm located in new york city. The firm was started by mike bellafiore and steven spencer in 2005.

  is smb capital legit? Smb sells courses, they are not legitimate. What is smb capital? Smb capital is an active short-term trading firm in midtown manhattan that trades equities, options and futures, with discretionary and automated traders.

  smb capital is probably the best place to begin any equity trading career. Coming in as a developing equity trader in their program, i can tell you the training and attention given to the new hires is unlike any other forum.

  ive heard that smb capital is a legit, reputable prop trading firm from people on internet, reddit, and the opposite from some old posts about smb on wso years back. From more research, i think smb is an arm of t3trading which does not have the greatest of reputation.

I agree with the sentiment above, save your money and practice.

Smb capital is notorious for letting you use the simulator for 6-8 weeks before going live. This gives you the chance to learn the most before trading really and minimize the mistakes made with read. Others firms want you to trade live right away and only be on the simulator for 3 days or a week.

  smb capital is a proprietary trading desk located in new york city that started smb training to assist developing traders to be consistently profitable by following setups they have developed that have an edge in the markets. Smbs partners include two very successful and experienced traders with over 30 plus years of experience collectively.

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Is smb capital legit

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