Infj jobs to avoid

Infj jobs to avoid

  however, there are several career paths infjs would do best to avoid if they want to stay true this personality type. Infj careers 6 to avoid if you are an infj personality type.

Some of the best-suited careers and jobs for this personality type include psychologist musicianartist child care worker teacher medical professional infj career choices in summary.

Its not something that can bring out an infjs full potential as well as making the most out of their natural gifts and skills. The following professions listed below arent quite aligned and draw out the infjs best traits.

Here is a list of top 7 careers that infjs should avoid clerical job military related job electricians or technicians customer service representative police related job firefighters jobs related to politics what are the infj like? Intuitive, empathising, and nurturing are characteristics of infj personality.

It requires an outspoken personality with an intense desire to be out front. They prefer to stay reserved and dont particularly enjoy speaking up in front of other people. Working with a large team, like a marketing team, could be a recipe for disaster.

These are the jobs that infjs should avoid sales exaggerating products and services qualities for the sake of earning more never appeals to the infj, and sales jobs.

  as infjs, we have a few careers that tend to best suit us. When we find the right career, we fill with great power and purpose, as if we had the force. Yet, with the wrong career choice, infjs tend to fizzle out like a broken lightsabre.

Just as with anyone, it is best to find a career that provides true fulfillment, happiness, and satisfaction and avoid those that will make you miserable and regretful. Here are some careers that infj personalities should think twice about before pursuing.

A politician or a spokesperson is one of the most unfitting careers for infj. This is with reference to the fact that they dislike anything to do with public speaking. Moreover, they are reserved, and therefore, speaking in public, interacting with people, posing with a fake smile, etc.

There is many mixed opinions when it comes to career choices for infjs. Especially in the areas of art and careers where we get to use our se (extroverted sensing) function. Se is our inferior function in our stack and it is the most difficult one to handle in a healthy way.

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Infj jobs to avoid

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