Houston restaurant week top picks

Houston restaurant week top picks

  its restaurant week dinner menu is full of seafood favorites, from crab dip to good ole surf and turf. El tiempo - various locations there are seven locations around houston with each serving up cheesy, meaty, guacamole-covered tex-mex. The spot at vintage park in northwest houston has an outdoor patio next to a fountain area where kids can run and play.

  lunch, brunch, and dinner menus are in the restaurant week lineup, with highlights from traditional south african bobotie and a portuguese-inspired chicken espetada to.

  avenida brazil southwest houston avenida brazil the woodlands b & b butchers and restaurant b.

Some of the best restaurants in houston for families with children include phoenicia specialty foods kenny & ziggys new york deli taste of texas.

What brunch is a houston restaurant weeks best bet at this stylish neighborhood southern foods restaurant offering.

  this week in houston food events black restaurant weeks and a new restaurant preview openings and closings cafe leonelli debuts soon, ritual closes this week.

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Houston restaurant week top picks

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