Forex zero sum game

Forex zero sum game

  technically forex is in fact at best a zero sum game as any gains made by one trader are equal to the losses of other traders. As currencies are traded in pairs, if one trader buys one lot in the eurusd and another trader sells one lot of the pairing any gains by one trader will be equal to the losses of the other trader. Thus spot forex can accurately be described as a zero sum game.

  the forex zero-sum game is a way of trading and earning a second income with a lower risk than equities. Because you own two currencies, your investment cannot go to zero.

What is a zero-sum game? A zero-sum game refers to a game where, for every winner, there has to be a loser. So, if a trade is zero-sum, every trader loses the same amount that another trader gains. In other words, if we add up the losses and gains and subtract from each other, the final result will be zero, hence the name.

Individual forex investors, on the other hand, engage in currency exchange speculation when they take any kind of position.

Bank traders know trading forex is a zero sum game therefore their behavior in the market will always be based on making as many people as possible lose money. This is a common example of how bank traders take money from the retail traders.

  this destroys the oft-repeated fallacy that every forex trade is a zero-sum game.

But when you factor in the spread and commissions it is a negative sum game, as is all commodity trading.

What this means is for every gain in your account, there is an equal loss in someone elses account. The sum of the entire market never changes, all the gains subtract all the losses zero.

  forex is a zero-sum game -each position you hold, long or short, there will be someone else on the other end who will be losing money if it goes in the direction you want. (think about the mechanics of exchaning the money and variable rates) -forex is often lumped in with futures, etc.

  it comes close to a zero-sum game if you include the forex broker. So you need to overcome transaction fees, the spread and your trading costs.

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Forex zero sum game

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