Do you agree 意味

Do you agree 意味

Googles free service instantly translates words, phrases, and web pages between english and over 100 other languages.

With forms of the verb do (do, does, did, dont,doesnt,didnt), the main verb is in the simple form, which means it is taken from the infinitive with the to removed.

Typically when someone is offering an opinion and is looking for your approval or acknowledgment or opinion, rather than asking do you agree? They will use the negative construction dont you agree.

Primordialism is the idea that nations or ethnic identities are fixed, natural and ancient. Primordialists argue that individuals have a single ethnic identity which is not subject to change and which is exogenous to historical processes.

It is the same as do you agree or disagree? Or to what extent do you agree. You present your opinion of the issue or issues stated and use the body paragraphs to give reasons and explanation for your opinion.

  every one has the same access to the knowledge and experience and it is only up to a person how hard he or she wants. Another important aspect of this is that if children attend separate schools they do not have common interests.

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Do you agree 意味

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