Din chart calculator

Din chart calculator

The din setting is calculated based on your boot sole length, age, weight, height, and ability level when your bindings are mounted on your skis. The higher the din, the higher the force required to release from your bindings.

Skier type type 1 - cautious skiing at lighter releaseretention settings.

Din setting is defined as deutsches institut fr normung (german institute for standardization) setting for ski bindings. It is also called as release force setting, which can be calculated using skier type weight, height, age, type and boot length with this online din calculator.

Calculate your din number for your ski binding setting right here - based on your weight, height, skill level and age. If you order skis and bindings at skatepro then you will naturally encounter our din calculator in the checkout. At this point, you will just fill in your information and we will automatically get.

Din setting calculator for ski bindings skier weight ( see note below) select skier weight.

Basic formulas and dynamic calculators for machining applications.

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Din chart calculator

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Din chart calculator

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