Convert bootable usb to iso poweriso

Convert bootable usb to iso poweriso

Choose the menu file properties to set the iso file properties. Choose the menu action boot add boot information to load a bootable image file. Click on the save button on toolbar, or click on the file save as.

Now click on the create image file from files folders next to the sources pane, click on the browse folder button.

  converting an iso into a bootable usb or dvd is fairly easy.

  convert bootable usb to iso image now click on the advanced tab & then click on the bootable disc tab on the right-hand side section. Now click on the browse option next to the boot image field & then select the etfsboot file from the boot folder present in the usb drive.

  how to convert bootable usb to an iso imagehave you ever wanted to backup or restore you usb drive? Well is pretty easy with the right tool, we will use usb.

  those were 2 of the most incredible and effective ways to convert usb to iso. The imgburn is also a very well-known software designed to convert bootable usb to iso, effectively. But there is more sophisticated software available that is capable of executing the said task more efficiently and of course, the procedure is much easier.

Poweriso can not only convert bin to iso, but also convert almost all image file formats to standard iso image file. More detail make bootable iso file and create bootable cd, dvd disc.

4 now click on tools and select create a bootable pendrive option then you see below screen.

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Convert bootable usb to iso poweriso

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