Citibank nri rupee checking account

Citibank nri rupee checking account

Nri savings account is an interest bearing checking account where the balances are held in indian rupees. There are two types of nri savings account non resident external and non resident ordinary. Citibank offers two packages - preferred or citigold, based on the relationship balance maintained in the accounts.

The citibank rupee checking account and nre nro fcnr deposit accounts are governed by the rules and regulations of the reserve bank of india subject to cross border and foreign currency exchange risks and has lesser preference in case of a liquidation event.

Enjoy 247 internet banking, faster money transfers, preferential deposit and forex rates, home loans and attractive offers on debit card.

Step 2 select your account type - click on nr rupee checking account step 3 as a first time user, you can either create your user id using citibank debit card details or current passport.

  the key value-added features of the citibank preferred rupee checking account are a dedicated priority service platform, superior foreign exchange rates on inward remittances, lower service charges on a range of banking services and custom-designed privileges on some characteristic india-oriented requirements of nris.

Step 3 mail your completed application documents to the nearest nri service center. For the complete list of nri service locations, please click here. Note our online application is optimized for internet explorer (version ie 5.).

Various rates related to citibank nri banking are listed below indicative foreign exchange rates for today current interest rates for citibank rupee checking account current interest rates for term deposits including non resident external (nre) deposits non resident ordinary (nro) deposits.

  the rupee checking account is an account held with citibank, n.

  citibank launches preferred rupee checking account for nris. Citibank announced the launch of the preferred rupee checking account, a one-of-a-kind niche offering for non resident indians (nri).

Citibank nri relationship managers will be happy to answer your queries and or help you apply for an nri account to meet your banking needs in india. , which provides access to products and services through the bank overseas branches in india (hereinafter referred to as citibank india).

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Citibank nri rupee checking account

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Citibank nri rupee checking account

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