Best element kuva weapon

Best element kuva weapon

  been trying to figure out best possible elemental bonus for each individual kuva weapon taking into account their stats and build its best to go with tonkor - high rad quartakk - low heat chakkhurr - high rad drakgoon - high toxin ogris - high heat (for gas build) twin stubbas - low heat brakk - high toxinelectric kraken - high heat.

Heat if you chuck a electricity and heat dual stat mod on a kuva weapon with heat you get heat corrosive. Armour stripping is king at higher levels and this is gonna be the best bet for that.

  all kuva weapons come with an elemental bonus based on the kuva lich that you earned the weapon from. The possible elements are impact, heat, cold, electric, toxin, magnetic, or radiation.

  kohm (and shotguns in general) is better for toxin, as you can do viral or corrosive with primed charged shell. If you want heat, put blaze on instead of the bonus element, it is more damage and additional element for cheaper. You just freed up a toxin mod slot, so you can afford that.

But now the nukor, with radiation from the weapon and a secondary type from the lich, is, to my knowledge, the only weapon in the game that can achieve the trio of radcormag, which does 50 & 75 on all key enemies heavy gunner weak to corrosive bombards and napalms weak to radiation hyena weak to radiation and magnetic.

The three most desired elemental types are corrosive, viral, and gas. None of them is available directly, but toxin goes into all of them and potentially saves you a mod slot.

Most people resolutely claim toxic or heat is the best innate element for kuva weapons in general. However, i havent found any discussions about which would best work for the brakks limited range, 100 status capabilities, and how pistols often use primed heated charge.

  but still, i think heat suits kohm better, by the fact that you can have heat as innate and viral and radiation with 6060 mods. A clan mate got a 27 magnetic khom and because of that he can wreck all factions with a single build corrosive fire magnetic.

I get the feeling that toxin damage is usually the best (except in weird cases like using a magnetic kuva nukor to prime condition overload). I would really like input from everyone as to what they think the best innate elements for each weapon is though, and why.

Magnetic is only really good on the kuva nukor, and there isnt much use for the other elements (not much reason to use cold or electric instead of toxin, and impact is only good for meme builds with internal bleedinghemorrhage).

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Best element kuva weapon

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