Battlefield 1 video settings ps4

Battlefield 1 video settings ps4

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Ps4 gameplayvideo settings for battlefield 1 - sensitivity, field of view, etc battlefieldone. Am trying to work on the best bf1 settings for the console or the ps4 in this case.

  battlefield 1 best competitive videographics settings - how to increase your bf1 performance, fps social media httpsdlive.

Sensitivity to 30, turret sensitivities to 80, decouple aiming from turning while driving a vehicle, turn on uniform soldier aiming (apparently this helps with better aiming and muscle memory), change the hit indicator colors (this is extremely helpful to me because it allows me to differentiate between a body shot and a headshot, as well as a kill), increase minimap size to 130, set all of the ads icon opacities.

  after months of playing i found the perfect settings for bf1 on ps4. My mouse g502 set on 4000 dpi (dont ask me why not 12000, its works better on this value for me).

  tapping r1 (on ps4) while youre looking at an enemy will spot them, highlighting their class and putting a massive red marker over their head and on your radar.

Uh, your image link above, is going to an image on your ps4, it is not linked to an image that anyone else can see.

  you got in the option menu ,,a setting call network smoothing under gameplay with a slide bar ,,you can adjust it between 0-100 ,,a higher setting will give you slightly better graphic , but the game will lose in stability so you pick the best setting with the less cost of gameplay.

Battlefield 1 - fov slider on consoles finally! - bf1 multiplayer gameplay ps4 xbox one pc. If playback doesnt begin shortly, try restarting your device. Videos you watch may be added to the tvs watch history and influence tv recommendations.

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Battlefield 1 video settings ps4

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