Asrock pro btc plus

Asrock pro btc plus

Supports 7 th and 6 th generation intel core i7 i5 i3 pentium celeron processors. 8 th and 9 th gen intel core desktop processors are supported with intel 300 series chipset motherboards only.

Power on & off system with onboard button is a must for open frame mining. - supports amd socket am4 a-series apus (bristol ridge) and ryzen series cpus (picasso, summit ridge, raven ridge and pinnacle ridge) - 12 power phase design.

Asrock h110 pro btc full specifications width 305, depth 208, audio codec realtek alc887, audio output channels 7.

Drivers, utilities, antivirus software (trial version), google chrome browser and toolbar.

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Asrock pro btc plus

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